Privacy Policy

The present “Privacy policy” has been made by Mr. Ceretti Michele, the head of the private enterprise with the same name with the legal address in Roè Volciano (Brescia), Street Brescia,10 (in the sequel, Ceretti Michele) according to art. 13 of decree №196 from June, 30th, 2003 on personal data protection (in the sequel, Privacy Code) on purpose to describe the order of management of the site  (in the sequel, the Site) and the services provided by Ciretti Michele via the Site (in the sequel, Services) concerning the treatment of the personal data of the users that visit the Site and/or use the Services (in the sequel, Users).
The present Privacy Policy operates only for the Site and not for the other web sites where the User can consult by links presented on the Site.

1. Our policy
Everyone has the right for the protection of personal data stored by me. Ceretti Michele observes the right of its Users to be informed with reference on the acquisition and the other operations of treatment of their personal data. Concerning the data that can, directly or indirectly, identify the User, Ceretti Michele, respecting the prescribed with Privacy Code, tries to respect the principle of tough necessity.
For this aim Ceretti Michele configured the Site so that the use of the personal data of the User would reduced to the minimum one and, to exclude the treatment of the personal data when the persecuted purposes in single cases would be reached by using of anonymous data or using other methods that allow to identify the User only in case of necessity or on request of the authorities.

2. Acquisition of the personal data
Registration for the Newsletter
Navigation around the Site is free and can occur without any preliminary registration.
However, to take the advantage of some Services given to the Users, it is necessary for the last ones to be preliminarily registered in the appropriate section of the Site. Only according the permission expressed by the User, these data can be used also for the further activity. In particular, the registration is obligatory for the receipt of the Newsletter from Ceretti Michele, the periodic communications sent by e-mail on the e-mail the address indicated by the User, with the help of which the Users will receive the information on exclusive initiatives of Ceretti Michele and his activity (in the sequel, Newsletter).

The data voluntarily given by the User
Optional definite and voluntary sending of the e-mail on the addresses indicated on the Site involves the following acquisition of the address of the sender necessary to respond the messages and/or answers to the requests and also of the other possible personal data included in the message.
In the same way the granting own personal data from the part of the User into section "Contacts" involves the following acquisition from the part of Ceretti Michele of the User’s data voluntarily included in appropriate fields treated to respond the messages and/or the requests sent by the User, and to send the commercial, promotional and/or advertising materials to the User via e-mail on the e-mail address indicated by the User.

Navigation data
The information systems and the software procedures underlying the functioning of the given site acquire in their normal operating some personal data the transmission of which is definitive in use of the communication protocols on the Internet.
It concerns the information that was not acquired to be associated with the interested identifications but due to their nature and by means of processing and interaction with the data held by the thirds, permits to identify the users.
This category of data includes the address IP and MAC of the computers used by the users, connected to the Site, addresses in notation URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) of the required resources, the request schedule, method used to expose the request on the server, the dimension of the file received in answer, the numeric code indicating the state of the answer given by the server (end, error etc.) and other parameters related to operating system and information environment of the user.
These data are used with the only aim to recover anonymous statistical information about the use of the Site and for control on its correct functioning.

The cookies are files or parts of the information archived on the hard disk of the User’s computer (the files sent by the server of the Internet site to the browser of the user) during the navigation on the sites, where they are memorized to be transferred back to the same sites in case of following visits.
The cookies are used for various purposes, have various characteristics and can be used both by the owner of the visited site and by the third parts.
The cookies memorized on the User’s computer cannot be used to require any data from its hard disk, transmit viruses or identify its e-mail address.

* The typology of the used cookies: technical cookies that do not require the permission
NV uses so-called technical cookies, or cookies, closely relative to the activity closely necessary for the Site functioning and directed to guarantee normal navigation on the Site. All the technical cookies do not require permission and are installed automatically right after the antry on the Site and are not used for the further purposes. In specification it concerns to:

Necessary cookies
These cookies are essential for navigation on the Site, permit such functions like autentification, validation, management of a session of navigation and the fraud prevention.

Functional cookies
These cookies provide additional functionality and allow to trace the User’s choices like language selection or the dimensions of the used letters.

Cookies of Performance
These cookies trace the pages visited by the User with most frequency and the activity on the Site. They also allow the immediate identification and resolution of all technical problems that the User can face during the navigation on the Site. The information conserved in these cookies is aggregate, anonymous also is not used for acquisition of personal data for advertising purposes.

Sessional cookies
The used sessional cookies have the purpose to increase the speed of the analysis of Internet traffic and to facilitate the access to the Services offered by the Site for the User.
All the personal data of the Users are protected from the acquisition by the Site. There is no use of cookies to transmit the information of personal character like as there is no use of so-called persistent cookies of any type or systems for the tracing of the users. The use of sessional cookies is closely limited by the transmission of sessional identifications (consisting of casual numbers generated by the server), necessary for providing safe and effective exploration of the Site.
The sessional cookies used by this Site, avoid the appeal to the other informatics techniques that are potentially dangerous for the reservation of the users’ navigation and do not allow the acquisition of identity personal data of the User.

* Own cookies and cookies of the third parts
The above-mentioned categories of cookies are used directly by Ceretti Michele; thus, they belong to “own cookies” provided by the Site.
Nevertheless, via the given Site the cookies managed by the third parts are installed on the User’s computer too. The “own cookies” released by the Site are:

Analytical cookies
They are the statistical cookies, or the cookies used by the managers of the web sites in aggregate form for the acquisition of information about the number of the users and the way they visit the site and then for working out of the general statistics on the service and its use.  
The analytical cookies of which Ceretti Michele serves those put at disposal by Google Inc. through the service Google Analytics. Google Analytics uses the cookies, allowing to the Site to analyze the order the Users use the Site. The information generated by these cookies about the usage of the Site (including personal IP address) will be transmitted to Google Inc. on the servers, possibly, located in the United States, and memorized there. Google uses such information on purpose to estimate the usage of the Site, to compose reports on the activity of the Site and to render other services connected with the activity of the Site and with usage of the Internet. Google can also transfer such information to the third parts where it is required by the law, or where such third parts work out the information on behalf of Google. Google will not associate the IP address of the User with the other data held in Google. Nevertheless it would be technically possible for Google to identify single users on the base of the data received by the realized working out.
For this purpose appealing to the cookies policy and related module of permission on by which it is possible to disactivate the service Google Analytics and thus to prevent the data transfer to Google Inc.

Functional cookies
The so-called functional cookies are used to increase the usage of the Site and are released by Google Inc. in the sphere of the service Google Maps for which Ceretti Michele serves on the Site. Google releases a certain number of cookies on the web pages containing a map of the service Google Maps (Google Maps memorizes up to four cookies: khcookie, NIC, SNID and PREF) that serve for taking the information and memorization of the number, behaviour and preferences of the users each time they visit web pages containing geographical maps of Google Maps.
Also such cookies, some of which semilong, terminate after 2/10 years after the last visit on a page containing a map of Google Maps, or can be also disactivated by the User modifying the own preferences in the browser according to the indicated order. On the site the tools of Google Maps on the base of the fact that Google Inc.  observes its own Private Policy  and own conditions of service are used.
To deepen the argument the Users are invited to consult the policy of Google Inc. on the types of cookies used in the sphere of services at the Users’ disposal

* The Users’ rights
The use of the cookies on the Site happens only with the permission of the interested person, with a definite purpose.
The permission can be expressed in a general way interacting with the banner of the official answer in a short form presented on the homepage of the Site according to the order indicated in this banner (closing the banner, clicking the key "ok" on the banner or closing the banner and passing to the homepage or clicking any of its elements - having finished, thus, an action of passing or scrolling); or it can be filled in the selective form according to the indicated order. This permission is traced in case of the following visits. Nevertheless, the User always has the opportunity to recall the permission already expressed partially or at all.
Nevertheless, it is reminded that the permission requested by means of the aforementioned banner, refer only for the usage of the cookies of the “third parts” and not for its own technical cookies, as it was mentioned above, are installed automatically right after the entry on the Site. To disactivate also the usage of its own technical cookies, the User should modify his own preferences in the browser according to the indicated order. If the interested person refuses to use the cookies, they will not be used, but the possibility of getting the services will decrease. In this last case some functions of the Site can not work and some services can be not be available. Then any User has the opportunity to disactivate the cookies through the software used for the Internet connection (so-called "browser"). Many browsers are arranged in the way to accept automatically the cookies in case of the absence of any instruction from the part of the User.
For this reason Ceretti Michele invites the Users to verify the settings of the browser concerning the cookies and to regulate them according to their own preferences.
For managing the cookies and preferences of the User the configuration of every browser is divided and described in the menu of the browser guide that allows to learn how to modify the preferences regarding the cookies.
• For Internet ExplorerTM: click here
• For Safari TM Safari on iPhone, Pad or iPod touch: click here
• For ChromeTM: click here
• For FirefoxTM: click here
• For Opera TM: click here
For managing his own preferences regarding the usage of the cookies the User can also consult the Internet site and modify on his own wish the settings regarding the cookies.

3. Optionality of the data conference
Partially, in the volume specified for the navigation data user is free to fill in the personal data through the registration in the section "Contacts" and/or in the service of Newsletter, and also by sending his own e-mails, containing specific personal data, for example, to request for the information and/or to send informative/commercial materials from the other advertising messages. It should be mentioned that eventually missed conference to Ceretti Michele the certain data can cause the impossibility of getting the requested by the Users.

4. The owner of the treatment
The owner of the treatment of the personal data of the User is Ceretti Michele, legal address in Roè Volciano (Brescia), Street Brescia,10  the tax code
CRTMHL58M08H484L and  The VAT 00127720985
Besides, it is possible to request to Cerettimichele for the updated list of eventual Responsibles for the treatment, named according to art. 29 of the Privacy Code by sending a request to the following e-mail address:

5. The order and the purpose of the treatment
Conservation and access to the data
As the Owner of the treatment Ceretti Michele carries out, directly or through the eventually nominated Responsibles, the protection of the Users’ personal data in appropriate databases collected on the server by means of the service offered by the society Glacom Italia S.r.l., with the legal address in Toscolano Maderno (Brescia), Street Trento,124. The given society that in outsourcing is responsible for the managing and updating of the Site, provides Ceretti Michele also with hosting service guaranteeing the respect of all the necessary security measures on the base of national and European norms for the correct treatment and protection of the personal data.
The servers at disposal for such a hosting service are located in Italy.
Thus, the data are used exclusively by the personnel, and also the technical expert, authorized for the treatment according to the principles of correctness, legality, transparency, relevance and not exceeding the purpose of acquisition and the following treatment.
The access to the databases is available only for specially prepared subjects which guarantees protection and safety thanks to acceptance of the security measures provided against loss of data, their illegal use or misuse, and also against not authorized accesses.
The data are conserved for the time strictly necessary to adjust operations under the treatment of the data of any User, according to his choice, preferences and indications.

The treatment in general
Ceretti Michele uses the data of the Users according to the choices freely made by the Users by his permission, at the moment of their acquisition or necessarily, except for the cases of submission to the duties provided by the law, positions or the all-European instructions.
The personal data are treated on the automated equipment for the period of time strictly necessary to reach the purposes for the sake of which they have been collected.
This treatment can include acquisition, working, registration and/or archiving of the personal data.
The personal Users’ data that request for documents or information material (answers to the similar documentation, sending the additional documentation etc.) are used exclusively for the purpose of rendering the service and/or the required performance and are communicated with the third party only in case of strict necessity for the purpose of the User.

Operations of the treatment subordinated on the permission, communication and distribution of the data
Only in the presence of the permission expressed by the User Ceretti Michele proceeds to use the personal data of the Users with the help of the automated equipment with the aims from time to time approved by the User.
At the end of perfect activity realized for the Users’ requests Ceretti Michele communicates the personal data of Users filled in by the last ones, to the third societies, co-owners or responsibles out of treatment, authorized to carry out definite activity. The data is not distributed.

6. Security
The personal data is collected and conserved in a safe way with the help of technical and organizational measures and procedures intended to protect the information and data, collected by the Site.

7. Link with external contents
The site can be connected with or directed to the other sites, services or external contents out of the control of Ceretti Michele. While the User leaves the Site, Ceretti Michele cannot provide security of the personal data of the User and it is relieved from the responsibility for protection and privacy of all the personal data given by the User to other sites.

8. The rights of users
According to the art. 7 of the Privacy Code the User has the right to receive notifications on the presence of the personal data even if they are not already registered, and also to request for communications in an intelligible form. The interested person has the right to receive indications:
a. of the source of the personal data;
b. of the purpose and order of the treatment;
c. of the logic principles applied in case of the treatment carried out with the help of electronic equipment;
d. of the basic identification data of the owner, responsibles and the representatives appointed on the base of art. 5 point 2;
e. of the subjects and categories of the subjects to which the personal data can be communicated or come to the notice as the representative appointed from territory of the state, on responsible and authorised. The interested person has the right to receive:
a. Updatings, amendments or, if it is interesting, integrations of the data;
b. An exception, transformation to an anonymous form or a block of the data treated with violation of the law, including those with relation to that the conservation is not obligatory;
c. The certification that the operations about which  in letters
b. Are brought to the notice, also according to their contents, an order according to which the data were communicated or distributed, except for the cases when such performance appears impossible or involves application of the means considerably disproportionate concerning the protected right.
The user has the right to resist fully or partially:
a. on the legitimate causes on the treatment of the personal data that concern him even if they regard to the purpose of acquisition,
b. the treatment of the personal data that concern him for the purpose of sending the advertising material, direct sale or realization of the search of the market or commercial communication.
The rights listed above can be exercised writing to Ceretti Michele on the following e-mail address:

9. Modifications of the present Privacy Policy
It states invariable that Ceretti Michele in any case does not realize the operations of treatment different to those  authorized and/or requested by any User, the present Private Policy can become object for modifications to adapt to new law dispositions or to the changed policy of the treatment of personal data.
Every updated version of the present Private Policy becomes accessible on the Site in the appropriate section: nevertheless, Ceretti Michele invites all the Users to check the Site periodically to be always well informed.